Sunbeams and Starbeams and the colored forms,

The more I dream the more I gravitated towards.

The swirls and the spread out colors took my breath away

I love the genesis of this beautiful piece.

Life starting from the beginning is such an experience,

The more I dream the more I am leaning into it.

The heart is for eternity, love is born with serenity.

Truly a burning desire intertwined in its way.


Falling in love is quite biblical. When a woman becomes a mother, or an individual experiences the touch of love for the first time, the feeling of warmth and serenity is love.

Love has no single interpretation. This abstract concept is perfectly depicted in this painting. Rosalind’s picture resembles an ember rising into engulfing flames. This fire is much tender and has soft touch. The feeling of falling in love is quite similar.

The rising, yet light strokes of various shades created a striking contrast. The use of crimson among the many hues of fiery red and yellowish hues sits well with the rest of the background. The depiction of the passionate flames tends to engulf the frame leaving a residue of light blues and greys. Yet again, a vivid picture lays in front of us. Love is peace. While the fire fuels this peace eternally, love seems to conquer all.

The painting can also lead us to a different part of an interpretation. As the phoenix rises again from its ashes, humankind has an innate dominion over its fate. Once life tries to break down, the very nature of facing one’s demons can fuel this burning fire which leads to a peaceful, or a successful future, thus the somber hues of blues and greys.

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Dimensions 40 × 30 in


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