Pictures from Rosalind's TV Interview with Michael Butler

Rosalind Panda in the TV interview with Michael Butler
Rosalind Panda in the TV interview with Michael Butler

Pictures from Rosalind's TV Interview

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The great publisher in the era "NY Weekly" published on the magazine

Without a doubt, New York is by every standard, a multicultural city where people from all walks of life converge to conduct business and participate in the amazing nightlife the city has to offer. Yet, amid everything New York City has to offer and might become in the nearest future, modern art is thriving at the heart of the city, and Rosalind Panda is one impressionist who has staked a rightful claim on the city’s art and design.           

Operating at the center of the city since 2019 is Rosalind Arts, an art gallery established by globally renowned artist Rosalind Panda who lives in New York and expresses her artistry amid everything New York city has to offer. Rosalind Art Gallery has been described as “heaven built with the amazing oil paintings in Abstract, Landscapes, Contemporary, Impressionistic, Realistic, Modern categories.”


Rosalind Arts got published in the "LA Wire" magazine

The global fine art artist is currently living in the glorious and multicultural metro city of New York. She is a highly versatile creator with pieces across various genres, including abstract, landscapes, contemporary, impressionistic, realistic, and modern.


Rosalind Arts got published in the "Voyage NY" magazine

Art galleries have mesmerized society with their curated collection of artworks. While many galleries feature works from different artists, Rosalind Arts proudly highlights the works of one talented artist, Rosalind Panda. Rosalind Arts screams culture, and it has positively influenced perspectives through its artworks. 

Rosalind Panda on godfident cover picture

Rosalind Panda on Godfident magazine Cover Picture

Rosalind Panda on Forbes Cover page

As Millennials and Gen-Z aim to rewrite the narrative by bringing increased importance and value to activities previously mislabeled as hobbies, the ‘go all out’ pursuits of people like Rosalind Panda can provide takeaways to be explored and adapted to individual journeys.