It is that time again to rejoice, to celebrate;

Because life is what we make it.

What better way to celebrate the positive side of life?

A joyful season of beauty and delight.

It is the heart’s elation.

Every bit of time and breath ;

is bringing celebration for us.

let us be grateful for life and overflowing for one another;

Embrace each day with a smile and wonder.

Life is to be treasured each day,

Fell all the joy along the way!


Celebration is a subjective concept. We can neither see nor touch happiness. Instead, we feel it from the bottom of our souls. Art being the language of the abstract is an unerring way to portray happiness. A similar genius attempt in this piece holds the true nature of happiness.

The artist piques the viewers’ interest and presents a playful scenario of a happy, warm feeling. The bold color gradients flooded into the center fuses into a godly wave that radiates the eminent nature of contentment. The piece brings the viewer to question: How do we perceive happiness? Is it the grasp over materialistic objects that bring a soul to rest? The wave of dubiety is the principal aim behind this magnificent creation.

The fragile strokes and the presence of shades of black brown and blue also indicate the tumultuous picture of life. We are always reminded of how life is not always blissful. The hardships we face might be often but are ephemeral. In the end, we always find solace. The bright colors of our lives outshine the darker corners.  The gloomy phases of life also submit to the celebration and amidst the chaos, we rise as better human beings with a sense of relief, which can be perfectly defined as a state of happiness.


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Dimensions 48 × 36 × 0.75 in


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