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Rosalind Panda is a well-known global fine art artist and Technology Innovator living in New York, United States of America. She is a creative person, working mainly with oil paint, paintbrushes, and pallet knives to create specific textures. She uses her open heart, mind, and empathy toward humanity to create several styles of artwork in categories such as Realistic, Abstract, Landscape, Impressionistic, Modern, and Contemporary. Her artworks speak the language of Love toward Humanity, Inner Peace, World Peace, Enthusiasm, Positivity, and Optimism in Life. She serves her purpose on Earth by leading a meaningful life through her powerful, impactful, and captivating creativity and best intention. She is inspired from within. Since her childhood, she has been fascinated with life, nature, the indispensable elements of life and expresses her interpretation on canvas in form of visual arts, poems, and creative writing. As a visionary, her innovative design thinking is reflected in all of her art works that benefit mankind. She always works in giving back to the world in various ways.

She has traveled the world to India, England, Mexico, Japan, China, USA. She studied in India and the USA and speaks multiple languages. She brings peace, love, and happiness to the world one painting at a time. She has been recognized in various art events through the Rotary club, art exhibitions, and art auctions and got awarded for her creativity and incredible contribution to the world. Since her childhood, she has been creating oil paintings, and sketches, and contributing to the creative society. 

Rosalind has been a singer, music composer, Harmonium musical instrumental player, freestyle dancer, actor, public speaker, and Author throughout her career and received a number of awards as well through Rotary clubs in different cities and state-level speech, poem, and essay writing endeavors. She has a significant contribution in the Information technology area as a technology evangelist, visionary, and change maker. She utilizes her gift of creativity and innovation to benefit mankind through her incredible creations.

She always keeps the underlying message in every painting focusing on the big picture of what message she is conveying to the viewers through it, and how it is going to impact their lives. What kind of positive difference it will bring in their lives. Before she starts any artwork she thinks about the message it will contain when it is ready and throughout the creation process” I add a positive thought to it so that when it goes to the viewer it will emit the same energy that I put into it. The viewer might have a different interpretation of the artwork when they see it. To help them out I add my thought and expressions through poems and words justifying my creation for the best impact on the viewer’s life.”

  • She has spoken on around 50 stages by the age of 17 including block level, district level, state level, Rotary clubs, student meet ups, on political occasions addressing national issues and solutions.
  • She has won first place  in science exhibitions and innovative science project creations incorporating agriculture and science on district and state levels.
  • She has contributed 100 of her hand painted oil painting greeting cards to the nonprofit organization called River Art Works for the guests who were invited to the fundraising event  Fundraising Event that was held in 2021 to promote Art and Technology in society.
  • She has been providing a significant amount of insight into its growth, taking prime initiatives to grow the organization along with other board members. She has personally led the popup art events to spread awareness toward art, technology, and creative design thinking in corporations in our society.
  • She has donated large size artworks to corporate office locations such as Google INC, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Her intention behind those donations was to promote Art and the aesthetic side of life in workplaces and add value to peoples’ lives. Secondly, to share the beautiful message in the community that how art and technology are intertwined in an indispensable way leading to creative thinking.

She has always been fascinated with nature, cities, real life events, the human purpose on Earth, and the true essence in everything on earth and used to draw it in her art, which draws her inspiration to be an artist. She uses a combo of colors to create unique patterns and textures on stretched canvas.

Painting is something that comes naturally to her and she enjoys and is passionate about it. In addition, creating a piece of artwork is a part of her everyday life that fills her with enthusiasm. Every piece of her artistry represents her expressions in the form of colors, unique patterns, and designs. You can read the poems around her artworks written by her in the description area on each product details page and can connect to the deep underlying meaning. of them, that relates to your life.

 She is inspiring the world and empowering others through her oil paintings and creativity. You can feel connected to her paintings. She always feels earth is such a beautiful creation and she just can’t stop mesmerizing by that and expresses it on canvas.

Her Oil paintings are assets in life as they impact the viewers’ lives to a great deal. It helps the person relive lives, moments, memories, and events. She has created a series of oil paintings and you can have a glimpse of her work in the gallery section. She also has created custom hand painted greeting cards and has participated in the popup art events for River Art Works Organization. Rosalind lively and vibrant art creations are featured in Agora Gallery, Newyork in 2022, Art Basel in 2022, Red Dot Miami in 2022, Newyork Art Expo in 2023  Rosalind is getting represented in People and Painting’s gallery, Uplogix gallery Got featured in World Digital Art Fair, Chat and Spin live radio based in the United Kingdom. Rosalind is getting featured in Marquis Who’s Who in America, and New York Weekly, LA Wire, NBC, CBS, FOX News, CNBC, New York Voyage, Godfident World Magazine.

Thriving Artist Rosalind Panda Etches Her Name in the Bustling New York Art Scene


The visual arts have been one of the most captivating forms of media. When the word art comes to mind, people often think about beautiful paintings, hand-made sculptures, and forms of expression that elicit some sort of reaction among those that witness it. Rosalind Panda is a master of the arts, steadily cultivating her reputation in the art world and growing to be a force to be reckoned with in her own right.

Rosalind Panda established Rosalind Arts a global fine art gallery filled to the brim with awe-inspiring oil paintings encompassing abstract, landscapes, contemporary, impressionistic, realistic, and modern categories. Rosalind herself is based in the glorious multicultural metro city, New York. Her patrons come from all walks of life, and each of them has a variety of emotions and reactions to each piece that she displays.

The refined art gallery has grown its fame for the colorful, vibrant oil paintings that are splayed across. The art creations by Rosalind are being exhibited at art auctions and physical and digital art galleries. The gallery itself contains mainly oil paintings with distinct styles and textures that leave a mark in the memory of those who set their eyes on them. Every piece of the painting possesses an artistic combination of colors, designs, and unique patterns that signify expressions. Viewers can connect to the underlying meaning of their life through these exquisite creations, which are further described in detail through poems about the artworks that Rosalind wrote herself.

Each and every painting conveys optimism and enthusiasm for life and is loaded with love, peace, and humanity. This specific attribute adds a multi-dimensional aesthetic value to the viewer’s being. “I’m blessed with my unique skills to paint my imagination which can hold an underlying message of peace and love to humanity. My specialty motivates me to have my own brand and give back to society in various ways,” shared Rosalind.

The Rosalind Arts gallery is founded by Artist Rosalind Panda who founded, composed, and personally crafted all the beautiful oil paintings exhibited in the gallery. With her immense passion and dedication to the craft, Rosalind has proudly poured her heart and soul into each artwork she creates. “My mission is to spread love, peace, and humanity through our artworks, and I strongly believe that my paintings can make a difference in people’s lives. My vision is to be recognized as one of the leading art galleries in the world that creates meaningful and impactful artworks,” Rosalind added.

Rosalind will open up her own physical gallery in New York City to serve as her legacy in the near future. The gallery will be a physical hub where her art buyers can acquire artworks and connect with other individuals who share the same interests as them. Furthermore, she also sees herself working with renowned art auction houses to great success. Rosalind truly believes that the sky’s the limit, and she will continue to set forth and etch her name in the bustling New York art scene.


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Artist Featured at

Been on "Forbes" Cover page

As Millennials and Gen-Z aim to rewrite the narrative by bringing increased importance and value to activities previously mislabeled as hobbies, the ‘go all out’ pursuits of people like Rosalind Panda can provide takeaways to be explored and adapted to individual journeys.

Been on Cover page of "USA Today"

Rosalind Panda has been on the cover page of the prestigious magazine “USA Today” and talks about very successful people, and inspirational lives.

Been on Cover page of the Magazine "Godfident"

Rosalind Panda on godfident cover picture

Rosalind Panda has been printed on the cover page of the magazine called “Godfident” talks about very successful people, inspirational lives.

Featured in NY Weekly as dominating gallery in New York


Rosalind Arts is featured as Rosalind Art Gallery Dominates the New York City Art Space in NY Weekly the most read news paper.

Featured in Los Angeles Wire


Rosalind Arts have its reach worldwide and got featured as promoting optimism and positivity through art in LA Wire the most popular online and offline news platform.

Legacy Brand Inclusion in Marquis Who's Who in America

Marquis Who's Who Accolade

Rosalind Panda’s Biography is included in Marquis Who’s Who in America indicating her accomplishment in her journey of fine art creations, contribution to the Technology advancement in the society. Giving her a significant recognition for professional networking and personal branding and her business growth.

Hand Painted Greeting Cards

Rosalind Arts hand painted greeting cards
Rosalind Arts hand painted greeting cards

You can buy these hand beautifully painted hand-painted greeting cards from our merchandise website.

4 x 6 Mail Art Exhibition


The above painting is inspired by the “Bridges” in Pittsburgh city which is called as “Steel City”. This painting is selected for exhibition in the website 4 x 6 mail art exhibition. The painting is listed there among all other artist’s paintings. It’s an honor to get selected there.

The Sleeping Octopus Art Exhibition

Rosalind Panda was exhibited her art creation in The sleeping Octopus which organizes the exhibition and features local artists. Visit for more info Art Jam Online Exhibit

Commission Art for a client


The Blissful Union

It was a commissioned oil painting for a client. After the marriage the groom in the picture had approached Rosalind Panda to create an artwork of their church wedding that he wanted to gift his wife on her birthday.

The Personaland Art Exhibit

Rosalind Panda’s art works were exhibited in the Personaland who arranges art exhibitions based on specific themes and some of her paintings are featured in The Personaland art exhibit.

Board Member at Non-Profit Organization

Rosalind Panda is a board member at River Art Works, Westmoreland, Art retreat space River Art Works.

Business Announcement on Chat and Spin Live Radio

Live interview recording of Rosalind Panda for Rosalind Arts brand and business on the live radio