Being in true love changes the world,

Accepting the feelings, the reactions, the motives

Learning to truly love oneself

step by step

Day by day

In all the loving way.

We live in the world, here today

Our presence exists, be what it may.


Human emotion is a tumultuous ocean with storms unforeseen. Among the many waves, acceptance is a cloudburst that many feel perplexed to face. Overthinking, anger, fear, and an array of emotions can cloud the reality that we often need to accept.

This fine abstract piece by Rosalind is a vivid simulacrum of a peculiar feeling or as some may call it, a state of enlightenment. The black outlines into different blocks that ingeniously use both somber and bold colors and create a playful mix of an abstract pattern.

The separate blocks depict the infamous dilemma that mankind has always faced since the beginning of time. Emotions of multifarious range can leave us feeling either ecstatic or melancholic. Both of these feelings can keep us away from the silver lining of acceptance. The hues of ocean blue and black portray the crux of the darkest corners of the human mind where the pandemonium of negative feelings reside, plaguing the very integrity of a person. Rosalind’s fragile brush strokes with a spot of somber color in the middle perfectly depict the inconsistencies a man faces with taking the right decisions.

The delicate use of contrasting bold colors in what may seem like austere abstract playground colors has successfully conveyed the message. Man is a slave of circumstance. We often tend to find solace in the present and secure the future that lies ahead. However, we typically miss accepting the condition at hand. This will only bring us to dread, which will only burn us in the way. This similar feeling of blazing pain is represented by the reddish tinge in the painting.

Rosalind’s paintings often challenge us to question society and the people in it. This painting deals with an intricate emotion that is mostly met with denial. Since the painting also aims to be open for interpretation, some may view it as a war. A war with oneself. The stubbornness, the denial of acceptance, wages war inside an individual. Looking at the image closely, you can find the haphazard and the use of contrasting colors in the middle depicts a mess. An individual without a strong sense of acceptance will find themselves drifting farther away into the ocean of uncertainty, chaos, and pain.

We cannot also overlook the soft touches of light blues with yellow ochre shades, which has a message in itself. These befitting aesthetics tend to show another side of acceptance.

Acceptance could be seen as an act of liberation. As a prisoner of war in your mind, battling thoughts, and accepting things as they are, looking for a solution can free an individual in more ways than one.

The main purpose behind this abstract piece is to aware individuals to enjoy the freedom that acceptance brings. However, the light patches of yellow ochre in the middle of light blue hues also mean that life also means hardships. There might still be days when you are fighting yourself. But, perseverance and the desire to accept the circumstance will help you to break the shackles of dilemma and look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

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