Entrancing View


Entrancing View

Bright Lights in your eyes and warm hands over hearts;
The sweet yearning fills us, as we get close to the horizon,

The hypnotic endless exhilaration that you feel,

Coming from the Enigmatic waves that softly drift onto the shore.

The blue sky wrapping itself around the Earth

Gravitating you towards the flow with the sea’s entrancing view.


The most intriguing element of life is the mysterious ocean of possibilities. The unprecedented opportunities urge us to dive into the sea, hoping to find the horizon. This abstract masterpiece by Rosalind is an astute attempt to describe life.

While life is an abstract concept, the myriad of sophisticated colors shows us a simple picture. However, as we try to find the message behind it, the main purpose of this piece is primarily brought out. Life has no definition. It is beyond comprehension and hence resembles the sea. The intricacies of the mellow sky with shades of Prussian and sky blues mixed with a yellow ochre tinge represents the twilight sky.

As the sky meets the horizon, the painting reminds us that one can still find solace even when the horizon feels distant. The human mind is a slave to luxury.  This vivid representation of human austerity bewilders the eyes of the beholder and urges them to strive harder without expecting the sweet fruits of hard work.

Looking at the bigger picture, it begins with two cliffs, introducing us to the vast sea. The simple strokes of strong shades of yellow, teal, green, orange, and black add to the aesthetic.  The cliffs can be interpreted as the door to a hopeful future. As we feel defeated and exhausted, this picture reminds us to keep our heads up and look beyond the moss-wrapped cliffs and the beautiful sea of opportunities that life has to offer.  Some may also look at it as a grandstand and a leap of faith further leads to a beautiful destination that is yet to be explored.

Among the many interpretations, we can also consider the sky to be the mirror that reflects every individual’s life. It is quite plausible to wonder about the reason behind the artist’s decision to paint a dusky aesthetic. The scorching heat of the daylight wears us down but we are still hopeful for a relaxing, cool twilight that cradles us to rest and prepares us for tomorrow. Similarly, the hurdles of life can be the embers that try to burn us, but Rosalind has yet again implored the viewers toward an efficacious approach and to be sanguine about the tranquil future that cradles your soul to rest.

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Dimensions 40 × 30 in


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