Rosalind Arts Time Line Oil Painting
Rosalind Arts Time Line Oil Painting
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Rosalind Panda Oil Painting Artist

Rosalind Panda is a well known global fine art artist and Technology Innovator living in New York, United States of America. She is a creative person, working mainly in oil paint, paintbrushes, pallet knifes to create specific textures. She uses her open heart, mind  and empathy towards humanity to create several styles of artwork in categories such as Realistic, Abstract, Landscape, Impressionistic, Modern, Contemporary. Her art works speak the language of Love towards Humanity, Inner Peace, World Peace, Enthusiasm, Positivity and Optimism in Life. She serves her purpose on Earth by leading a meaningful life through her powerful, impactful and captivating creativity and best intention.  As a visionary her innovative design thinking is reflected in all of her art works that benefits the mankind.

She has traveled the world to India, England, Mexico, Japan, China, USA. She studied in India and the USA, speaks multiple languages. She brings peace, love, and happiness to the world one painting at a time. She has been creating artworks since her childhood; She has been recognized in various art events through Rotary club, art exhibitions, art auctions and got awarded for her creativity and incredible contribution to the world. Since her childhood she has been creating oil paintings, sketches, and contributing to the creative society. 

Her Oil paintings are assets in life as they impact the viewers’ lives to a great deal. It helps the person relive lives, moments, memories, and events. She has created a series of oil paintings and you can have a glimpse of her work in the gallery section. She also has created custom hand painted greeting cards and has participated in the popup art events for River Art Works Organization.

Rosalind lively and vibrant art creations are featured in Agora Gallery, Newyork in 2022, Art Basel in 2022, Red Dot Miami in 2022, Newyork Art Expo in 2023  Rosalind is getting represented in People and Painting’s gallery, Uplogix gallery Got featured in World Digital Art Fair, Chat and Spin live radio based in the United Kingdom. Rosalind is getting featured in Marquis Who’s Who in America, and New York Weekly, LA Wire, NBC, CBS, FOX News, CNBC, New York Voyage, Godfident World Magazine. 

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Rosalind Panda is on "USA Today"

“How are you using your gifts to make a positive difference in our community, society and world?” said Rosalind Panda, an entrepreneur, author and artist.

No matter what our gifts are, we are all the same in wanting to express ourselves in our truest form. To achieve this, we need our gifts to nourish our purpose, passion and prosperity. In other words, “Purpose propels you forward,” said Rosalind.

Rosalind Panda on FORBES Cover Page

Rosalind Panda is on Forbes Cover Page

As Millennials and Gen-Z aim to rewrite the narrative by bringing increased importance and value to activities previously mislabeled as hobbies, the ‘go all out’ pursuits of people like Rosalind Panda can provide takeaways to be explored and adapted to individual journeys.

Rosalind Arts got published in the "Voyage NY" magazine

Art galleries have mesmerized society with their curated collection of artworks. While many galleries feature works from different artists, Rosalind Arts proudly highlights the works of one talented artist, Rosalind Panda. Rosalind Arts screams culture, and it has positively influenced perspectives through its artworks. 

Rosalind Arts got published in the "LA Wire" magazine

The global fine art artist is currently living in the glorious and multicultural metro city of New York. She is a highly versatile creator with pieces across various genres, including abstract, landscapes, contemporary, impressionistic, realistic, and modern.


The great publisher in the era "NY Weekly" published on the magazine

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"Do all things with love"

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