Let's Share our artistic thoughts and artwork with each other. We can bloom all together.

  1. We can share all the paintings we’ve created recently.
  2. We can show our creativity to the world
  3. We encourage each other with our own thoughts and appreciation.
  4. We exchange thoughts and ideas about art.

We play by some of our rules

  1. The participant must be having good connection while they’re in the Online Event.
  2. The paintings must be submitted through the email if the painting is a large one in size.
  3. The participant must be waiting for their turn. If you’re turn not came! don’t worry your turn will come in next event.
  4. You’re video must be good or we’ll skip to the next artist.
  5. Please utilize the time when your turn comes.
  6. Only one painting is allowed to display on the event.
  7. Political, Cinematic and In-appropriate graphics are strictly prohibited.