The Equilibrium


The Equilibrium


Bright life is an equilibrium state

A Peaceful moment to reflect

Find your moment through

for every challenge in life.

For every experience on every step

Look outside, can’t you see?

see the earth is in equilibrium

Feel the rising waves of the Ocean.

May the laughter rinse through your soul.

May the reverence towards life bring you to equilibrium.


Maintaining equilibrium is not that easy in this fast pacing modern world. People often tend to forget that for all the good things you receive, there are some things you will have to give up. You start taking everything for granted as you don’t maintain balance in our life. When we forget how life takes its turn for good and worse, stress enters our life frequently. If you try to look for a perfect definition of equilibrium in life, it is difficult as balancing life is different for individuals. Balance in your life depends on the stability you have in relationships, your profession, and your physical and mental health.

When you lead an unbalanced life, it affects your productivity, social life, and worst health. You find it difficult to complete even simpler tasks, and you start losing confidence in your skills. If you work towards balancing your life, it will be easy for you to set goals and work to achieve them. With an equilibrium overpowering your life, you will finally be able to focus your energy and attention on what you aim to complete.

A balanced diet is a priority for good health, and proper blending of colors makes a painting perfect, likewise even for our life to be what we want, an equilibrium is essential. Having an equilibrium in life is not that easy, as there will be things you should plan, so many confusions arise in your mind. But when you take planning things as a habit, you automatically start having balance in your life. Every individual should put effort to bring balance in their physical, spiritual, and mental life as it brings more happiness to them. All your priorities and desires need to be fulfilled by connecting all the elements you have in your life, and finding an equilibrium in life helps you for this completion.

Equilibrium is achieved by the combination of all the bright and darker shades in your life. If you focus on the brighter part, your life painting won’t be complete. Your life on a canvas should focus on every part, a darker or brighter phase, is required for the perfect equilibrium in your life. If you are stressed or overwhelmed even with small things, take time and reflect on your life. You will find things where you could have planned differently, and the impact would have been positive in your life. Every challenge in life can be dealt with efficiently if you have a good plan in your mind. If you want your mind to work that way, you need to maintain a perfect equilibrium in your life.

When you step into nature, you find everything around you wonderful and pretty, they work in a perfect equilibrium which we wonder how they maintain. The earth exists in equilibrium, even the waves in the ocean have a balance, and we often forget to notice these examples. Enjoy all the hidden happiness in your life, find an equilibrium to deal with challenges, and work towards attaining every desire you have.


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