Symphony of Life


Symphony of Life


Life is similar to music. The fervent emotions overflow at any point in life, and it is a great symphony. When everyone plays the perfect role, it becomes a harmonious composition. The unique flavor played by each person in our life changes the entire music of life. Rosalind Panda, the artist, through her excellent work, conveys the symphony of life we often forget to remember.

Poem by Rosalind Panda

Timeless music exquisitely orchestrated

Everyone has a different part to play,
when we all play together,
We make a beautiful melody that makes the heart fly

celestial sound originating from within shaking the soul
An immense Deep bass tone,
It strikes more than just a melodious chord

Feel its rhythm that chants the powerful hymn.


The music consists of different parts like bass, melody, and accompaniment. Likewise, our life is also composed of various elements with unique sounds and tones. If we consider only a single element of life, we don’t feel the rhythm of the music. When we combine all the parts, we get the perfect hymn of life which is more beautiful than ever. There are high and low notes, also fast and slow tempos in the music of life.

Melody continues with all these elements in life, even when we expect everything to move at a normal pace. Our chaotic life often seems out of rhythm, and the future arises as a big question mark.

At this moment, drowning in the dark colors of life will never help anyone to move forward. Embrace the chaos, uphold your hope and change the nature of life to adapt well to the situation. Accepting the bright colors and the alluring nature of the world will help us to find peace in whatever situation that life throws at us.

Even when life takes a sudden shift for the worse, if we have perfect control over the rhythm of our life, we don’t have to worry. If you don’t have proper control over your life, you need to move forward accepting reality on a positive note. When the contents we try to include in the music don’t fit perfectly, disappointment should not sweep away the song.

We should appreciate everything that comes in the way to make our life’s rhythm complete with all the elements of happiness and sadness in it. A chaotic turn or sadder elements in life never take away the beauty life has in store for us to enjoy. Happy and colorful elements come after the dark phase of your life, so you just have to be hopeful and adjust to the chaos with time.

In songs, there are sad parts of the tune, but even it appears as the majestic part of the song. Even the tragic songs are appreciated by the audience by listening to the way of execution, the same rule goes with life. When we get into the depth of colors, we understand that a sad painting is still beautiful despite the theme.

Similarly, life is painted in a caricature with the perfect combination of colors, nothing less or nothing more. Applying every essential color makes the painting attractive, not only the bright colors.

Appreciating life makes it easier to live, whether happy or sad. Rather than trying to make the music of life to perfection, we should wait, listen and enjoy the rhythm.

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