New Life

Dimensions: 16″ X 14″ X 0.75″


New Life

To give up a comfortable life and experiment with something new can be challenging. Even if you don’t like where you have been, at least you will be prepared to face whatever comes your way.

Pay attention to the tone within the head if it’s suggesting it’s time to begin anew. If you’re prepared to start with a new beginning, you can acquire new knowledge at any moment. The world is your oyster if you can truly come to enjoy being a novice.

You also do not need to make major adjustments right away. A fresh start will not really necessarily entail leading an altogether separate lifestyle from the one you have right now.


You are your own star,

Always remember who you are,

Live the life you love,

True love is the treasure you involve.

Your self in the essence of its own,

Where the heart rejoices with the lamp of radiant light

And the soul’s orchestra,

The soul sings in delight,

When you beautify all things in your life;

Have rainbow to follow the clouds and sunset to warm your heart.

be lost in love to complete your life;

Every sunset on the horizon to feel a “New Life“.


This artwork by Rosalind Panda could suggest that one modest adjustment, such as introducing one appropriate habit or altering one’s mentality, might eventually snowball into a significant change (perhaps for good). The compounded impact would be that.

But if you hunker down, you’ll never realize what great things might happen! Instead of clinging to the security of your present circumstance, allow yourself to release your anxieties and permit yourself to consider the opportunities life may give. Every day represents a fresh start with the opportunity to accomplish what has to be done rather than just passing the time. Continue starting things and failing.

Every time you fail, try afresh. This will boost your confidence until you’ve achieved a goal—possibly not the goal you set out to achieve, but one you’ll be happy to remember. None of it is set in stone. Your old challenges may end up opening doors to fresh starts.

You must be prepared to give up what’s not serving or what is preventing you from leading the life you desire. But the thought of beginning over can be frightening since you never know what will be put in the next chapter of your life. Hopefully, Rosalind’s artwork regarding New life inspires you to be better.

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Dimensions 16 × 14 × 0.75 in


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