Moonlit Night


Every night is moonlit when one is with its best company!

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I am here along with my love, gazing at the moon, feeling the warmth of moon light. While the whole world is asleep, I am here watching the glimmering reflection of the moon that falls on the water, owning this beautiful moments.

With the queen of night guiding me in the dark

and love of my life accompanying me

away from the cities hustle and bustle,

I escape to the mountain breeze…


sparkling stars and shimmering moon,

filling the sky and melting my heart,

a feast for eyes and delight for soul,

making me feel on the top of the world…


Oh my love, magical are nights and mystical are stars,

millennial nights slips away listening to your sweet whispers

acknowledging the blessings of angel from ether,

I aspire for nothing more, other than your presence…



Having an amazing time with loved one’s enlivens our souls. Very presence of some one close to your heart, gives you solace. Sweet memories coupled with spectacular sights intensifies one’s desire to live. Love gives us all reasons to smile…

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