Love and warmth


The soothing warmth of true love that keeps the heart dancing and beating in silence!

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The soothing warmth of true love that keeps the heart dancing and beating in silence!
I am in seventh heaven experiencing the tender feelings of love and warmth.
My ardent love imbibing the universal energy is exploring the ways to express
its sweet emotions. My hankering for togetherness is fulfilled, when I am
confined to cuddles of my love, whispering sweet nothings. It’s the moment
which made me shine bright like a Sirius. It’s the moment that gently
reinforced my belief, that I am worth a million stars. The beloved moment
which escalated my inner peace and made me burst with joy.
oh, my love
you are the catalyst igniting the sparks in me
and source of my blissfulness…
you are the rhythm of my heart
and song of my soul…
silence speaks volumes in your presence
answering all my untold desires…
liberating me from all the vibes in my mind…
Love is a paradigm of life’s inspiration. With the union of two souls
complementing each other, love can do wonders. It depicts sweet bond shared
by the horses that epitomizes the love between two hearts. Horses are
dynamic yet serene. Having a perfect balance between the both, makes them
extraordinarily lovely creatures. When drowned in love similar outstanding
qualities are acquired by humans. Intense emotions, two souls share with each
other across time and space are the basis of beautiful bonds. Fusion of love,
vitality and serenity creates warmth around humans…

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