Innovation is the vehicle that leads us to progress. Years of evolution taught us how creativity and the curious nature of mankind have led to revolutionary inventions. Rosalind’s abstract approach to depicting human innovation is one of a kind.

The intricate use of various hues conveys a deeper meaning. The background is adorned with bright reds and calm blues and whites. The red is a vivid portrayal of human desire. The fire inside the human mind has the power to birth ideas that can change the world.

With each stroke, Rosalind has ingeniously portrayed the culmination of human creativity. The painting as a whole seems to be merging at the center. However, if we are viewing it with an open mind, the brush strokes show a beautiful play of both bold and light colors that exists in perfect harmony. What does that mean for human perception? Well, the strokes of vivid colors on the sides show how creativity engulfs the human mind and drives them to the gates of innovation. While we see the strokes shape into buildings, and machines, they seem to merge in the middle. This can be easily perceived as the colloquial language of creation.

Rosalind’s works have always pushed our creative limits to the test. Similarly, her painting “Innovation” also cradles the other corners of perception. While some might only look at how innovation brings more and better technologies, others also think about how nature plays an important role here. Well, nature has always fulfilled the biggest role in human existence. She is a mother that nurtured us to growth and provided us with provisions to think ahead. If we think about it, nature is the sole driving force that has brought humans to the pinnacle of innovation.

The bold red at the bottom interprets the burning desire of human beings to seek better innovations that change lives for the better.
Innovation in its entirety means upgrading ourselves along with the surroundings. However, Rosalind’s masterpiece brings us to question our motives. Are we really thinking about our surroundings? Is this the development we promised each other as the dominant beings in this world? Well, if we are being honest, innovation in the modern world resembles a painting.
Rosalind’s abstract work of art can be a lesson for us and the generations to come. While creativity should always be welcomed, it should not jeopardize lives. Hence, her painting implores our better conscience to live responsibly and use our creativity to think way beyond our interests and ensure a better world for the generations to come.

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Dimensions 36 × 24 × 0.75 in


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