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Evolution is not a new word for us, from the beginning of the earth, this process is taking place. The evolution that occurred in human beings is advanced, and they are the most brilliant creation on earth. As humans are the most beneficial creature on earth, we have huge responsibilities towards other living beings. The artist has used her skills to depict the concept evolution with brighter shades of colors.

The word ‘evolution’ means change, this change can be in any of the different ways that have already been initiated. When life first originated on earth, the developments started in terms of life, and complex life forms were developed. Evolution has never stopped its dominance, even if it affects the emotional quotient of people. Human beings are sociable, and they live their life interacting with other people and creatures surrounding them. They even get attached to the animals who love their pampering and keep them as pets. We are always connected to others for proper existence, and this has been the situation from ancient times. But sometimes humans forget their duties towards society even when they have intelligence and thinking abilities. People tend to work hard for themselves and the well-being of their families. Some of them opt the crooked ways to earn good wealth and even cause damage to the earth in this process. Utilizing intelligence and earning money is good, but there should also be a time when you look back at your existence.

Human development has different aspects and behaviors that are unique to them. People come from different backgrounds, interact with friends, learn a sense of morality through experience, and face every challenge through their presence of mind. We accept traditions, rituals, social norms, and laws that need to be followed when we live in a society.

Every day in our life on earth, we learn new things and get eager about changes surrounding us. We are always prone to changes due to the brilliance of human minds. The innovations from humans without any selfish motives benefit the world to keep developing. Some innovations are just for the sake to satisfy human needs, but there are good innovative minds that keep contributing to the betterment of society. Innovations have always been part of the evolution of human beings, it influences human nature to think better and to successfully implement their ideas. The innovative purpose of humans in the world should not negatively impact morale but has to uphold humanity as the major goal.

The human mind is a plain canvas where you can try creating new things, it can be good or bad. The result of your creation depends on the human nature you develop from your surroundings and learning. People who go behind only dark colors forgetting the brightness they can bring in their life will always have negativities in life. If you are ready to fill your canvas with the brightest colors, your life will be meaningful, and you can contribute to a better future.

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