Dwelling In Nature


The wind lifts me up into the trees,

Where the heart dances to the rhythm

I breathe the scent of nice fresh air.

The birds are chirping; A light breeze flows

The vivacity of nature is for everyone to see

I feel so tranquil and glee

The white whisper from the mountains

Trees are lush and green

So cool, calm, and full of life.


In this artwork, Rosalind focuses on how humans perceive elements of nature in terms of their physical attributes, such as scenery, and claims that naturalistic intellectual history has taught us to distance ourselves from the natural environment and become objective viewers rather than participants.

She explores the characteristics of a person’s lifeworld and exposes the self-deception that has caused people today to disregard it as just subjective. The artist, Rosalind, presents a different perspective on the natural world that would reconcile people and nature by focusing on existentialism, semiology, visual thinking, and psychology.

This art piece Dwelling In Nature is a unique combination of different color palates where you can find extremely joyful strokes and shades throughout the canvas. These colors not only increase the contrast but also depict different shades of life.

This art piece by Miss Rosalind Panda gives a sense of calmness, every time you look at it. The image speaks of a thousand unheard emotions that we come across throughout our lives. It’s more like a way of living with peace and serenity than just a bright, clear day in nature.  

A day in the environment will make you reflect on how you live in the world and what you deem necessary or unnecessary.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 12 × 0.75 in


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