Dream Catcher

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Dream that catches all the best wishes for everybody!




There are countless marvelous stories spread across the world about me and my genesis. I am artistically crafted curio with dazzling colors, born out of love, faith and craftsmanship of ojibwe. My presence elevates your energies, transforms the ambience and leads you to absolute ataraxy.

I carry you all spiritual love, as pure as motherly love,

I ensare all evil spirits, snatching away scary dreams,

I send you all beautiful dreams, to lit up your day with charming smile,

you can feel the warmth of me, like you feel the caress of a mother…


I make you sleep peacefully, waking you up to a beautiful dawn,

I destroy all negative dreams, exposing them to scorching sun,

I am a sign of hope, sign of peace, protecting you endlessly,

I take my place in every home, to spread my love to one and all…


This art work portrays a flamboyant dream catcher which is known to brighten up one’s day. This pretty little hanging enhances the beauty of one’s house. It is a wooden hoop made of willow, covered in web of natural fibers and feathers hanging down from bottom of hoop with beads embedded in it, which makes it an elegant wall art. It’s pride lies in trapping all nightmares in it’s web and sending us lovely dreams by passing through its feathers. Believed to be an embodiment of optimism and serenity, it can relieve our stress, ensuring peaceful nights.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × .5 in

1 review for Dream Catcher

  1. Suneetha

    The painting is looks like a natural peacock feather .looks good

    • admin

      Thanks for noticing that. The natural feather is the highlight definitely.

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