The feeling, on a trip long or short, when the distant mountain gets closer and closer with every step forward

Dimensions: 24″ X 18″ X 0.75″


Distant Mountains Getting Closer



I am here to tell you about my thrilling adventures. My efforts to satisfy the fernweh aroused in me. The joy I experienced while coddiwompling and tranquility I felt while chasing destination.

“The glimpses of far flung mountains,

vaguely shrouded by magical clouds,

enticing me with its own grandeur…

with boulevard, running along the lake,

appealing to my senses, lifting my spirits,

a hodophile was born out of nowhere…

with every pebble on the road,

welcoming me enthusiastically,

leading me to the places unseen,

the journey seems heavenly,

unfolding the hidden beauties…

my heart fluttering with vorfreude,

I wait not to reach the places destined…”



This artwork depicts the beautiful feeling that we experience during long drives. With every step we move forward, our destination appears to be very close yet distant. Though our journey seems never ending, the desire in us never loses its momentum. It portrays the feelings of great excitement, bliss, and contentment we experience during our trips whilst chasing the roads, leading to our destination. Long or short drives are the ones which we draw our strength from……

In this picture, we can see a straight and direct road that leads to a mountain situated far away. An explanation for this could be that the roads are the paths we take, and with every step, our path to success is lessened. The further we traverse through the difficult path, the closer our success lies.

Per the mind behind the art, Rosalind, every difficulty we successfully overcome helps us become more resilient to overcome new challenges by boosting our confidence and willpower. The art piece brings us the idea of a journey (which can be thought of as life) and the mountains being the final endgame or a beautiful destination where we’re headed towards.

The picturesque art piece Distant Mountains Getting Closer is delved into a very basic, monochromatic finish that signifies the simplicity that nature adds to our list. The whole idea of going on a journey is depicted via this one straight road. The entire setting of the image adds to a unique approach where there are equal elements of yourself and the surrounding.

Additionally, admirers might also find the yellow patch of sand in the art piece. This setting can be depicted as a contrast where there are emotional journeys on our ongoing journey of life.

Therefore, the next time you find yourself in front of a massive mountain that seems difficult to climb, think back to these insightful remarks by Rosalind Panda to help you find your path and keep in mind why you initially embarked on this adventure.


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Dimensions 24 × 18 × 0.75 in


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