Dancing with Joy

Dimensions: 24″ X 18″ X 0.75″


(Art or part of art describing itself)


I am on cloud nine, being drenched in his love……

All my endeavors to treasure this beautiful feeling forever in my heart are in ruin with the zest of love striving to find an expression of its own.


Dancing With Joy

Love, in itself, is the purest form of art in the universe. Rosalind’s piece captures that love in its truest form. The work of blues and an intricate touch of teal and black shades depict the darkest part of one’s soul. Then again, we are faced with a challenging question: What exactly is love? Love has no definition. Every relationship has its beauty.

Rosalind in her oil painting has successfully captured the hearts of two lovers. The name “Dancing with joy” is a perfect rendition of the joyous affair that love is. Love does not promise happiness, but it is happiness in itself.

When we fall in love, there is no one else, but the two souls. Her canvas with bright turquoise is a pulchritudinous delineation of how pure love can be. She illustrates two lovers with black shades who seem to have a similar structure. Love does not know boundaries, hence her stroke of black does not represent gender. Instead, it concerns the true nature of this feeling. The two individuals dance in each other’s harmony, in a perfect rhythm to the tunes of love. As we immerse into the painting, we find the lovers intertwining, amalgamating into each other. Here again, Rosalind’s painting comes to life as we relate to this similar feeling. When we love someone, we devote ourselves. Love is worship.

However, if we come to question ourselves, why dancing is a medium to give love a meaning here, the answer we seek is quite simple. Love has many languages. Some sing, some express their love, and some dance.

As we can see, Rosalind has portrayed every phase of love. The lovers, who found comfort in each other are mostly dawned with black however, some intricate strokes of white are also visible. The black symbolizes an individual’s darkness within their soul. The slim strokes of white bears witness that love washes away all evils. Where love resides, there is no place for evil. The lovers found paradise on earth within their arms and enjoyed each other’s company.

The feeling of love is the same throughout your life. Be it the first time or the 5th time, the yearning for each other, the emotions remain constant. As we grow up, we find more mature forms of love. We tend to fall for them with much more intensity each time. This brings us to the question: Can we fall in love more than once? Human emotions are unpredictable. We, in the end, are social animals. Our fantasy of love is not limited to loving a person. Instead, to hold a hand, to have someone beside us is a much stronger emotion.

The whirlwind of love is rather simple. The painting also shows a light aura reverberating around the souls, the divine intervention one might say. One who finds love finds the creator Himself finds true meaning in this oil portrait.

When two souls fall in love, they rise in unison. The poetry of such emotions is a hard one to find. However, once found, the world seems to revolve around you. Everything around this melancholic globe finds a new life. Drenching in each other’s love finding your love language seems surreal. Love comes in different phases of our life and many forms and people. While some promises are made and broken, the ones you truly connect and intertwine with remain till death do you apart.



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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 0.75 in


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