I will start by saying what a life!

How cheerful,

Just blissful,

The life’s tune so peaceful.

Singing the soulful song

Let your grace flow,

The heart is selfless,

Eternity is my praise

May Love bathe you in Love’s golden light,

May you begin your life anew,

Each new day is a blessing

Each day holds the magic that your heart is longing!


We live in this world in debt of countless blessings. Every moment we breathe is a Blessing, as some people don’t get a chance to live another day. No one knows what destiny has in the account for us to endure during this lifetime. Even when things get tough, remember that you are more blessed than someone else. The artist Rosalind Panda conveys the different ways of blessing we receive each day through various shades of colors.

Every life is precious and beautiful, living it to the fullest depends on the individual. If you are grateful for the blessings from eternity, you will be able to lead a cheerful and blissful life. People don’t acknowledge the blessing they receive every day and always complaint about the bad incidents in life. Every individual is different, and the same goes for the blessings you receive. All things you receive in life, the happiness and sadness will not be the same for another person. The blessings from eternity are for everyone, but it varies in form. That doesn’t mean that you haven’t had your good share of blessings. Everyone gets their share of light, even when you think you have no way out of the darkness.

Everyone loves to lead a peaceful life, as chaos troubles you even if you have all the good things in your life. If you have a selfless heart, you will find goodness in even small happy moments. When you start being thankful and positive you will start appreciating the blessings you have in life. When you feel down or unhappy about your life crisis, make sure that you observe your surroundings. You will find other people who suffer from the worst scenario but still approach life with hope. This hope helps you to move forward each day, and be thankful for every sunrise you see. Each new day in your life is a blessing and worth more than other expensive materials. When you enter a new day, you have new hopes and expectations for the magic that your heart wants. Each day is an opportunity to grow in love and spread light in your life.

A person who realizes how lucky they are to live in this world will be the happiest even when they are surrounded by a crisis. Every second you see the bright side of the world, you should proudly say how grateful you are to live in this place. The negativities are the darker side of every individual’s life which we cannot avoid. Even in your dark phase, when you reminisce about the blessings you have in this life, you are creating a path toward the light by yourself. Expressing gratitude for blessings is not that tough, as it is a quality that can lead you to a successful way in life. When you start acknowledging each moment, you will have peace of mind. The perfect blend of colors will brighten your life, and the dark shades of miseries will be forgotten with the magical power of positive memories.

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