Blessed Blossom



Blessed Blossom


Life is a flower in a vast garden. While it enjoys the cool breezes and sways in a harmony. However, Rosalind has depicted life at its peak with sagacity.

The painting “Blessed Blossom” is a beautiful play of colors that brings justice to life. The picture overall is a white flower. However, with more observation, the picture in itself becomes a story. The intricate work of yellow on white depicts the life of the individuals. In addition, the flower seems to be in full bloom which points toward the adult phase of an individual’s life. The background is submerged with different hues but is mostly dominated by shades of yellow. However, every hue mingles in a perfect harmony which seems to give birth to this enormous white flower in full bloom.

The wild one, as preciously lovely

A white flower with pious beginning

A golden spirit sings without a word

Longing for a taste of spring

Inhaling the sweetest succulent smell

An enchanting time of rebirth

Reminding, today is a gift and blessing from god to you.

The background might be the different phases of one’s life, each chapter with a different shade. The intricate brush strokes create a vivid story and show how each moment in our life shapes us to become the person we are today. The blossoming flower paints the most important part of our lives. The youth. The vigor, and the zeal we carry as youths will always remain unparalleled. Moreover, Rosalind has also tried to remind us how youth is ephemeral. A blossoming flower will soon start to falter and return to the soil. Isn’t the concept of this painting synchronous to the human body and soul? The vibrant yellow tones give us a feeling of warmth and zest that one experiences when one reaches their prime.

Different tone limns the different phases of life. If we compare the life of a flower with that of an individual, we would be surprised how similar it can be. However, Rosalind has always awed us with her open-minded interpretation of concepts. This abstract painting is a blank canvas. While some drive their minds towards the phases of human life and its relevance to a blooming flower, we can also not help but look at the different aspects. We do not grow just physically but both mentally and emotionally. Just like a plant requires effort to grow at its full potential, similarly, showering ourselves with the right effort can help us shape into a better version of ourselves.

This genius work of art is an abstract representation of youth. As we grow and enter the most active part of our lives, we are surrounded by various experiences, etc which finds a beautiful depiction here as the colorful background with multifarious vibrant colors. The tenacious portrayal of a blossoming flower urges the viewer to swim deep into their psyche and relate to it in various aspects. We believe this to be a very apt reminder of how life is a blessing coming together to paint a beautiful picture represented through a Blessed Blossom.

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Dimensions 30 × 40 × 1.25 in


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