Miracle Moment - Custom Painting


The miracle moment has happened when I’m flying to my mom’s place. This moment made me paint this. I was imagining the view over and over to paint the picture on canvas.

The snow on the mountains are reflecting the light from the sun. The snow is like some cotton carpet on the mountains. And it seemed like cotton candy.

When my plane is flying at the high of 2000 miles (ca. 3,219 km) up above this solar eclipse happened. Even some times we cannot describe the moment I was in. But I painted this to represent the thing happened.

Bridge of Steel city – Custom Painting


The above painting is inspired by the “Bridges” in Pittsburgh city which is called as “Steel City”. This painting is selected for exhibition in the website 4 x 6 mail art exhibition. The painting is listed there among all other artist’s paintings. It’s an honor to get selected there.