Mrs. Rosalind Panda Dykla is a local artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a creative person, working mainly in oil paint, using her open heart and an open mind to create works of art both realistic and abstract.

She has traveled the world, studied in India and the USA, speaks multiple languages. 

She wishes to bring peace, love, and happiness to the world one painting at a time. She has been doing oil painting for more than the last 6 years. Painting is something that comes to her naturally and she is always passionate about it.

She loves to paint during every state of emotion phase because painting is something that connects her to her inner soul and she can connect herself and her art to the emotions and expressions that she is facing while drawing it.

She has always been fascinated with nature and real life events used to draw it in her art, which draws her inspiration to be an artist. She also sometimes uses a combo of colors to create unique patterns and textured painting on canvas.

Painting is something that comes naturally to her and she enjoys it. Every piece of her artistry represents her expressions in the form of colors and unique patterns and designs that she creates.

She wants to inspire the world through her oil paintings and creatives. Painting is like meditation for her and is a part of her everyday life that brings enthusiasm to her.

You all can feel connected to her paintings and will feel positive and motivated for your future and past. She wants her painting to be a source of inspiration for the people and thus motivating them to keep moving forward in life. Her mission is to contribute towards the welfare and development of the creative society and thus donating a part of every purchase to help the poor and underprivileged people to get a better way of living .Painting is something that keeps on reminding her that earth is such a beautiful creation of good and she just can’t stop mesmerizing about that and drawing that on her paintings.

Oil paintings are assets and valuable that it helps the person to relive their lives. She also aspires to work towards the agriculture sector of the country in the later stages of her life.

Because due to the increasing population there is an increase in demand for the food and there is a shortage of land and agriculture facilities in the country. And since agriculture is a part of nature so she feels very connected to it and aims to contribute towards its development.

She has created a lot of paintings so that you can have a glimpse of her work in the gallery section. We can’t just wait to get in touch with you to create creative for your house and workplace by the artist.

Till then take care

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