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Mrs. Rosalind Panda Dykla is a local artist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America. She is a creative person, working mainly in oil paint, using her open heart and mind to create several styles of artwork  e.g. Realistic, Abstract, Landscapes, Impressionistic, Modern, Contemporary.

She has traveled the world, studied in India and the USA, speaks multiple languages. She wishes to bring peace, love, and happiness to the world one painting at a time. She has been creating art works since her childhood; She has participated in various art events through Rotary club, art exhibitions, competitions  Since more than the last 6 years she has been creating oil paintings and contributing to the creative society.

She has always been fascinated with nature and real life events used to draw it in her art, which draws her inspiration to be an artist. She uses a combo of colors to create unique patterns and textures on canvas.

Painting is something that comes naturally to her and she enjoys and is passionate about it. In addition, creating a piece of art work is meditation for her and is a part of her everyday life that fills  her with enthusiasm. Every piece of her artistry represents her expressions in the form of colors and unique patterns and designs.

 She wants to inspire the world through her oil paintings and creativity. You can feel connected to her paintings. Painting is something that keeps on reminding her that earth is such a beautiful creation and she just can’t stop mesmerizing about that and expresses on canvas.

Oil paintings are assets and value to the buyer. It helps the person relive lives, moments,memories and events. She has created a series of oil paintings and you can have a glimpse of her work in the gallery section. 

Get in touch with Rosalind to acquire the art works  for your house, lounge, lobby, gallery and work space.

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Artist Featured at

4 x 6 Mail Art Exhibition


The above painting is inspired by the “Bridges” in Pittsburgh city which is called as “Steel City”. This painting is selected for exhibition in the website 4 x 6 mail art exhibition. The painting is listed there among all other artist’s paintings. It’s an honor to get selected there.

The Sleeping Octopus Art Exhibition

The sleeping Octopus organizes the exhibition and features local artists. Visit for more info Art Jam Online Exhibit

The Personaland Art Exhibit

The Personaland arranges art exhibitions based on specific themes and some of my paintings are featured in The Personaland art exhibit.